MCFH S6E2 - Cats Attacking Cats, Predator vs. Prey, Terrified Cat

MCFH S6E2 - Cats Attacking Cats, Predator vs. Prey, Terrified Cat

Show: My Cat From Hell Season 6, Episode 2
Episode Title:  Darkness Comes Knocking

Photo: Animal Planet


  • Meatball & Tamale
    Two female brown/multi-colored cats, 2 years old, adopted at 4 months old; dominant and sometimes aggressive cats.
  • Snowman and Sebastian
    Two male white/multi-colored cats, 1 year old, abandoned at a vet hospital and lived in a cage for 9 months before being adopted.


Mark and Catalina.  Together 8 years, adopted cats as a couple, Mark has a close bond with the two female cats (Meatball & Tamale) while Catalina is bonded with the two males (Snowman & Sebastian).

Photo: Animal Planet

How Bad Is It?

Constant aggression and fighting between the four cats has led to Mark and Catalina sleeping in separate bedrooms to keep the peace, and as a result they are not getting along. To make things worse, Mark is insisting on rehoming the two male cats (Snowman & Sebastian) if this continues.

Photo: Animal Planet


  • Two female cats are acting as predators and treating two male cats as prey; constant chasing, attacking, and conflict when all four cats are in the same room.
  • Two male cats had little social development while living in a cage for most of their lives, and now lack any confidence or “mojo.”
  • Sebastian stands out as an extreme case of a cat that has gone through trauma in his life and as a result is terrified at times, to the point of hiding under a blanket in the bathtub.

Physical Approach

To help calm down the energy and aggression with dominant cats like Meatball and Tamale, it is important to give them tons of playtime and tools to occupy their time in a positive manner. So instead of stalking their companions, they will be distracted with toys, cat crawls, perches and cat trees to jump on. Try to “catify” your home so your cats will be stimulated and not looking to attack one another as negative 'entertainment.' It is important for the guardian to sometimes act as a “traffic cop” or a “human diffusion post” when dealing with this many cats and personalities in one home, and redirect the cat’s focus if you see a potential attack in progress.

When you have two cats like Snowman and Sebastian, it is important to work towards building their confidence so they stop acting like prey and begin standing up for themselves. Practice play therapy! Taking time to play with the cats can help build their confidence, and more importantly, help them meet and exceed their challenge line. This means to work towards having them come out of their comfort zone and explore places they usually avoid in the home. In the case of Sebastian, it is good to have something like the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon in the middle of the room, so the cat will feel sheltered and be able to "cave" while still being out with the rest of the family and not hiding in a bathtub or closet.

Photo: Animal Planet

It is a great idea to practice “Site Swapping,” which is when the cats get the opportunity to physically explore each other’s space and become comfortable in these territories. In this case, let Snowman and Sebastian explore Meatball and Tamale’s most visited areas and rooms, and vice versa. They will be able to sniff around and get used to each other’s scents without conflict erupting. In addition to this, having "couples play time" sessions is key. For example, supervise play time with Sebastian and Meatball together, and then separately play with Snowman and Tamale. This will help them to build relationships with one another and get along.

Emotional Approach

It is important that all of the animals and human guardians in the household have good relationships. Both Mark and Catalina must spend time with all four cats and work towards rebuilding their relationships if they expect to see a positive change take place in the household. Mark and Catalina must also keep their relationship in a positive state and should not sleep in separate bedrooms every night.

Holistic Approach

Spirit Essences solutions that might be helpful in this type of situation are:

Ultimate Peacemaker Set
Ultimate Peacemaker is a set consisting of 3 formulas:

  • Bully Solution
    This formula is to be used on dominant and aggressive animals, sometimes known as “bullies,” who want to control and dominate other animals. In fact, Bully Solution can also be used in cases where animals are being aggressive and trying to dominate their guardian or other humans. It is formulated to reduce dominant tendencies in “bully” animals and help them to relax and let others go about their business. Meatball and Tamale are perfect examples of animals that could benefit from using Bully Solution. They couldn’t resist the desire to aggressively dominate the male cats in the household. With Jackson’s guidance and consistent use of Bully Solution, Meatball and Tamale were able to let their male companions go about their business with reduced conflict and aggression.
  • Peacemaker
    The Peacemaker formula is designed to reduce or eliminate aggression, tension, and jealousy between animals. It helps to keep the peace and ease conflicts in multi-animal families. It should be given to all of the animals in the household consistently to see best results, and a great way to make sure everyone is getting their share is to add drops to the community water bowl. In the case of these 4 cats, tension and aggression filled the air, and Peacemaker helped to diminish these negative feelings.
  • Self-Esteem
    The Self-Esteem formula is to be used on animals that need just that, self-esteem! It is made for animals lacking self-confidence or that are overly submissive. If the animal is constantly picked on and is the “victim” of the household, this formula is a great way to help build confidence and encourage the strength to stand up for themselves. This solution was the ideal choice for Snowman and Sebastian, who were acting as prey or victims when interacting with Meatball and Tamale. This solution, along with Jackson’s guidance, helped these two male cats to get their “mojo” back and allowed them to live freely in their home without being stalked like prey. And if there is any conflict, they had the confidence to stand up for themselves and shut it down. Snowman even let Jackson see him let out a confident hiss by the end of his visit!
Every pet is different, and has different needs and healing responses. Some other possible Spirit Essences solutions that may be helpful in this type of situation are:

This solution is formulated for animals that have experienced abuse, neglect, accidents, or other traumatic events in their lives. It can help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in animals, and is great for animals who have been adopted from a shelter or rescue. It helps to clear the negative “baggage” out of the animal’s energy system. Snowman and Sebastian were definitely recovering from past traumatic experiences. We learned that these two male cats were abandoned and lived in a cage for most of their lives, and really had no social development as a result. This solution is a great way to help guide an animal through the trauma and help them to heal.


MCFH S6E2 - Aggressive Cat, Vomiting on Belongings, Disruptive at Night

MCFH S6E2 - Aggressive Cat, Vomiting on Belongings, Disruptive at Night

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