MCFH S6E2 - Aggressive Cat, Vomiting on Belongings, Disruptive at Night

MCFH S6E2 - Aggressive Cat, Vomiting on Belongings, Disruptive at Night

Show: My Cat From Hell Season 6, Episode 2
Episode Title:  Darkness Comes Knocking

By Beth

Photo: Animal Planet

Cat: Darkness (renamed: Jedi)

Male, Brown tabby mix color, 11-years old, adopted long ago by Steev and is having a hard time building a relationship with Steev’s girlfriend, Laura, and their dog, Rascal.


Steev and Laura.  Together 7 years, Steev came into the relationship with Darkness and they later adopted Rascal as a couple.

How Bad Is It?

Steev and Laura are constantly fighting because of Darkness’s behavior. Laura feels it’s personally directed toward her and feels that Darkness is “possessed”, while Steev tries to convince her otherwise. 


  • Darkness is aggressive towards Laura, and vomits on her pillow and belongings.
  • Darkness fights with dog, Rascal.
  • Darkness scratches and slams doors together, causing Rascal to excessively bark and keep everyone awake.
Photo: Animal Planet

Physical Approach

Steev and Laura are advised to play with Darkness to the point of exhaustion, and to take Rascal on long walks, to get out excess energy which will result in calm energy afterwards. The guardians are also advised to decrease the stress they’re putting on Darkness because he is "redirecting aggression" towards Rascal, which means taking his stress out on the dog by attacking him.

It is also advised to completely ignore the bad behavior Darkness is exhibiting in the middle of the night. He knows if he bangs and scratches the doors, that Rascal will bark nonstop and the whole family will be up. Though it was hard to ignore, once the guardians consistently ignored the bad behavior, the cat gave up and stopped the behavior.

Putting a 2-level cat tree by the couch was a great way to give Darkness a place of his own in the home, and a way for him to spend time with the family.

Emotional Approach

To create change in the home and to see a change in Darkness, a great start was changing his name. By changing his name from Darkness to Jedi, the negative energy can be lifted and make room for positive change to take place. Instead of calling Darkness “possessed” and looking at him as the “bad guy” in the home, the guardians should reframe the way they see him.

Laura needed to realize that the vomiting on her belongings was not a personal attack towards her, as cats do not personally attack people by vomiting on specific items. She also needed to put trust in this cat, and approach him relaxed and confident, and not with fear, because Darkness can feel the energy she is approaching him with.

Holistic Approach

Spirit Essences remedies that might be helpful in this type of situation are:

Stress Stopper

This solution is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual and stressful situations, such as remodeling, boarding, thunderstorms, vet trips, and other similar situations. It helps the animal to feel grounded and protected. Some animals display aggressive behavior when stressed, and in the case of Darkness, this seemed to be happening. Between being known as the “bad guy” of the home, and having to share a space with a high-energy, barking dog companion, Darkness clearly was under some stress. Using Stress Stopper in situations where you are trying to create change can really help the animal cope and transition with ease. With the help of Jackson and Stress Stopper, Darkness was really able to transform into a positively changed cat, also known as Jedi.

Every pet is different, and has different needs and healing responses. Some other possible Spirit Essences remedies that may be helpful in this type of situation are:

This formula is designed to help cats establish appropriate boundaries and reduce territorial stress that may manifest as spraying, inappropriate elimination, aggression, or other stress-related behaviors. The fact that Darkness was vomiting on certain belongings, such as Laura’s pillow, suggests that this may have been a territorial issue. Rascal would rub his scent on the pillows, which may have made Darkness feel territorial stress. This solution can help the cat feel safe and secure in the home, especially when misted in areas where the behavioral incidents are occurring. 


This formula helps to reduce or eliminate tension, aggression, and jealousy between animals. It can help keep the peace in multi-animal families, and works best when given to all the animals in the home. This solution is great to put in the animals community water bowl, as everyone will come in contact with it and benefit from it. This could help in a situation where you have two animals, like Darkness and Rascal, who are constantly going at it.

Safe Space for Dogs

Rascal the dog could possibly benefit from this formula, which helps the dog establish appropriate boundaries and reduce territorial stress that may manifest as inappropriate elimination, barking, aggression, or other stress-related behaviors. Between the constant barking and rubbing on his guardians pillows, Rascal may have been feeling insecure in his home and may have been acting out because he didn’t feel territorially safe. This solution works great when misted in areas of territorial stress, which for Rascal would have been in the bed and the perimeter of the home.

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