MCFH S6E6 - Peeing On Carpet, Attacking Other Animals In Home, Stress Stopper

Show: My Cat From Hell Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Title: Psychic Disconnect

By Beth

Photo: Animal Planet

Photo: Animal Planet

Cat: Lily

7 year old multi-colored Female; adopted by guardians at 6 weeks old after living with a homeless woman on Skid Row.

Guardians: Bruce and Maryam

Maryam is an animal psychic; Bruce and Maryam also are guardians to a 3 legged cat named Louie, and a blind and deaf dog named Daisy.


How Bad Is It?

Lily is attacking the special-needs animals in the home, which is heartbreaking for her guardians to witness. She also shows aggressive behavior towards Maryam. They do not want to rehome her, but if she doesn’t stop the aggressive behavior, they have to consider it. Lily is peeing on the rugs and carpet, and Bruce has cut out chunks of their carpet as a result.



  • Biting, hissing, blocking, and attacking others in the home.
  • Peeing on carpet and rugs in the home, not in litter boxes.
  • Lacks social skills and confidence; feels stress in home.

Physical Approach

Photo: Animal Planet

Photo: Animal Planet

Lily’s peeing and aggression seemed to be a result of territorial anxiety she was experiencing in the home. Her aggressive behavior was a manifestation of fear, also known as fear aggression. When you have a cat who feels territorial stress in their own home, it is a good idea to help them explore their home and become more confident and comfortable. You can feed them in different areas of the home to challenge them, and turn pee zones into play zones, so they gain confidence in these places of fear. If they seem to stay in corners, like Lily did, try to pull them out into the middle of the home: You can do this using a fun toy, which will help them to build “mojo” and to feel secure out in the open. Practicing these activities enabled Bruce and Maryam to help Lily become confident and feel safe in her own home, and helped to reduce her aggression towards her special-needs companions. In fact, she was now able to come out into common areas and be a part of the family!

In addition to using these tools to stop the territorial peeing in your home, you should also use a CO2 cleaner to eliminate any odors or stains that may have destroyed your carpet, instead of cutting and butchering it.

Emotional Approach

Cats, as well as other animals, have been known to prefer soft “baby” style talk, over loud or deep sounding communications. When trying to build a relationship with a cat, you may want to try talking to them the way you would talk to a baby. This may help them to feel comfortable and release any fear they may have. A good example is the relationship between Lily and Bruce. Bruce knew how to talk to Lily, and made her feel so comfortable in his presence. Maryam didn’t have the same relationship with Lily until Bruce taught her how to communicate with her, and once Maryam learned how to “baby talk,” she and Lily were able to enjoy each other’s company.

Holistic Approach

Spirit Essences remedies that might be helpful in this type of situation are:

Stress Stopper

Stress Stopper is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual or stressful situations, which may include thunderstorms, boarding, remodeling, visitors, or similar situations. It is designed to help animals feel grounded and protected. This remedy may be helpful in any type of situation involving an animal feeling stress of any kind. Jackson featured Stress Stopper on this episode and advised Lily’s guardians to administer the remedy on her consistently, and the result was a noticed improvement in Lily’s attitude and behavior. Stress Stopper, along with the other confidence-building activities, seemed to help Lily feel grounded and safe in her own home, and reduced her feelings of constant stress.

“The next thing I’m going to give you is my Spirit Essences. This is called Stress Stopper. So when you see her ears back, eyes dilated, or tail swishing around, you would apply this to her.”
- Jackson

“We did use the Spirit Essences. We put it on her fur. I used that consistently and she was much more relaxed.”
-Maryam, on Lily

Safe Space For Cats is formulated to help cats establish appropriate boundaries and reduce territorial stress that may manifest as spraying, inappropriate elimination, aggression, or other stress-related behaviors. This remedy is one to consider when you know that your cat is having territorial insecurities either inside the home or around the outside perimeter, and can help to ease this stress. Jackson used Safe Space For Cats on Lily as well, because she had territorial anxiety and was peeing all over her home as a result. This remedy may work great when misted around areas of the home where most of the territorial issues are occurring. 

Every pet is different, and has different needs and healing responses. Some other possible Spirit Essences remedies that may be helpful in this type of situation are:



Self-Esteem is for animals who lack self-confidence or who are overly submissive; including submissive urination in dogs. This remedy is formulated for the animal who is picked-on, or who displays “victim” behavior and is treated as a doormat. This remedy may help animals gain confidence and courage to stand up for themselves. Along with other confidence-building tools, this remedy may be a great way to help your animal gain find their “mojo.” Self-Esteem could have possibly been helpful in Lily’s journey to gain confidence and feel secure.


Peacemaker is formulated to reduce or eliminate aggression, tension, and jealousy between animals, and may help to keep the peace in multi-animal families. This remedy works best when all of the animals in the home come in contact with it, and a great way to make sure this happens is to add drops to the community water bowl! This remedy can be helpful in situations similar to Lily’s household, where there was definitely some tension and aggression taking place, and is designed to help ease this conflict.


Trauma-Free is formulated to clear the energy system of past abuse, neglect, accidents, or other negative “baggage,” and is a great remedy to consider for animals who were recently adopted from a shelter or rescue. It is also designed to aid in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in animals. If you have an animal that is having behavioral issues and the core issue is past traumatic experiences, this remedy may help them heal and recover from the trauma so they can move on and prosper. This remedy may have helped Lily heal from her negative experiences as a young kitten living on Skid Row.

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