MCFH S6E7 - Claws At Head While Sleeping, Bit Groomer, Traumatized Guardian

MCFH S6E7 - Claws At Head While Sleeping, Bit Groomer, Traumatized Guardian

Show: My Cat From Hell Season 6, Episode 7
Episode Title: Happily Never After

By Beth

Cat: Frankie

6 year old black and white Male; adopted by guardian at a few weeks old.

Guardians: Krisi and Jason

Krisi and Jason have been dating for 4 ½ years.

Photo: Animal Planet

Photo: Animal Planet

How Bad Is It?

Frankie wakes Krisi up an average of 10-15 times a night, and she has slept in her car several times to get a full night of sleep. Jason refuses to sleep over or move in because of Frankie’s behavior, and feels that Krisi should find him a new home. Jason says Frankie is holding them back from getting engaged. Krisi witnessed Frankie bite his groomer so bad that she is now traumatized.


  • Biting, attacking, and scratching visitors; attacks anyone except for his female guardian.
  • Clawing at guardian’s head while she sleeps, and wakes her up an average of 10-15 times a night.
  • Female guardian is traumatized by his behavior and is extremely unconfident and nervous when interacting with him.

Physical Approach

When dealing with a cat that is aggressive, it is a good idea to observe where this aggression is most often taking place, and what it may be stemming from. If your cat’s feeding area is located in a place where there is high foot traffic, by a door for example, this can make them feel territorial insecurity. As a result, they may show aggression to any visitors who enter the home. It is best to have your cat’s feeding area in a low traffic, calm environment, where they do not feel the need to defend their territory. Frankie was feeling major territorial insecurity because his meal location was in such a high traffic area of the home. Once moved, the territorial stress was reduced. A great way to help your cat feel territorial security and ownership in high traffic areas of your home is to catify these places with cat trees and scratchers. You can also ask visitors to try a “cat hand shake,” which means let the cat sniff the scent on a personal belonging, such as their glasses. This helps them to become familiar with this person and feel more comfortable around them.

Cats prefer a consistent routine, especially when it comes to their meals. It is best to try to feed your cat 2-3 times a day at around or the same exact time every day. Inconsistent routines can lead to your cat waking you up in the middle of the night. Implement a strict feeding schedule, like Jackson advised in the case of Frankie. Once Frankie was used to his routine, he was no longer waking up his guardian during the night. Play therapy and walks are also a great way to burn excess energy and help your cat sleep through the night!

Emotional Approach

When a pet guardian has an animal that brutally attacks people and displays major aggression, it can be very hard to witness. It can eventually fill the guardian with fear and trauma, and they can become nervous when interacting with this animal. Though it will take time, the guardian must work through the fear and trauma, and must build trust in their pet once again. If you have nervous energy when handling your pet, they will sense this and feel nervous in return. This nervousness and fear can turn into aggression. If we approach animals with calm energy, they will feed off of this and feel calm as well. It is up to the guardian to take control.

Holistic Approach

Spirit Essences remedies that might be helpful in this type of situation are:

Stress Stopper

Stress Stopper is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual or stressful situations, such as thunderstorms, boarding, remodeling, visitors, or similar situations. This formula is designed to help animals feel grounded and protected. When your pet is displaying constant aggression, it can be very stressful on the family. This pet will sense your stressed energy and feel the same way, which can increase the aggressive behavior. This was the case with Frankie and his guardian, and he felt stressed and insecure as a result. Jackson used Stress Stopper on Frankie, which helped him feel grounded and protected, and helped to ease his stress.

Every pet is different, and has different needs and healing responses. Some other possible Spirit Essences remedies that may be helpful in this type of situation are:


Safe Space For Cats

Safe Space For Cats is formulated to help cats establish appropriate boundaries and reduce territorial stress that may manifest as spraying, inappropriate elimination, aggression, or other stress-related behaviors. This formula can be helpful when your cat is experiencing territorial insecurity, and is designed to help them feel more secure in their space. Frankie was experiencing territorial stress in his home, and became very aggressive as a result, so this formula may have helped to ease this insecurity. This formula can be misted in high traffic areas of the home to help your cat feel safe!

Training Formula

Training Formula is designed to help with training an animal, including the breaking of bad habits, by helping to keep the animal focused, willing, and able to learn quicker, and without excessive repetition. This is a great formula to consider using when you are going to implement a new schedule for your pet. It can ease the transition into this set schedule, and may help them to adapt quickly. Training Formula may have been helpful for Frankie while he transitioned from being fed at random times to a set feeding schedule.

Bully Solution

Bully Solution is formulated to help when one animal wants to control and dominate others, and can help the bully to relax and let others go about their business. Sometimes animals act aggressively to gain control of their guardian or other animals. An animal may not feel in control territorially, so he may overcompensate by trying to control situations in the home. Frankie was feeling insecure, so some of his aggression may have been from his need to control anyone who came in contact with him. Bully Solution may have helped him to relax and not feel the need to dominate situations.



MCFH S6E6 - Cat Climbing Windows, Feral Cats, TNR

MCFH S6E6 - Cat Climbing Windows, Feral Cats, TNR