MCFH S6E5 - Overweight Cat, No Activity, Begs and Meows for Junk Food

Show: My Cat From Hell Season 6, Episode 5 
Episode Title: Fat Elvis

By: Beth

Cat: Elvis

Photo: Animal Planet

Photo: Animal Planet

Black and white male cat, seven years old; Overweight: weighs 21 pounds.

Guardians: Rachel, Ted, and their son Ben

Rachel and Ted have been married for 5 years. Rachel adopted Elvis after her Mother passed away, and feels that Elvis is her link to her Mother.

How Bad Is It?

Elvis constantly begs and meows for junk food to the point where Ted is losing sleep, which can be dangerous because he works as a truck driver. This loud meowing is also waking up the newborn baby in the home. Ted wants to get rid of Elvis and doesn’t seem to care about his well-being. The family has been feeding Elvis donuts, potato chips, and other human junk food, and he is now so overweight that he is pre-diabetic, has sleep apnea, hip dysplasia, and he doesn’t run, jump, or play. Elvis is on the verge of extreme health problems, such as kidney failure and liver problems.


  • Constant meowing and begging for human junk food.
  • Lack of any physical activity; no playing, running, jumping, etc.
  • Health problems: extremely overweight, pre-diabetic, hip dysplasia, and sleep apnea.

Physical Approach

The first step when dealing with an animal that is so unhealthy that they hardly move is to take them to the vet immediately. It is very important to find out what kind of issues your pet is facing so you can make specific changes to reduce or eliminate these health problems. When you have a cat like Elvis that is overweight and addicted to table food, it is important to implement a strict feeding schedule and stick to it. You should also use a slow feeder to feed your cat, which prevents them from overeating or eating too quickly. It is recommended that cats should be on a raw food diet, and should never eat our food.

A great way to help your overweight pet get some exercise is to take them outside for walks. Using a harness and a leash for safety, take them outside and let the world be their playground.  Once outside, cats tend to be stimulated by everything around them, and begin to run, jump, and enjoy themselves. They don’t even realize they’re exercising! After Jackson arrived and helped Elvis’s family make these changes, Elvis dropped from 21 pounds to 18 pounds, which means he lost 14% of his body weight!

Emotional Approach

When a household is filled with toxic energy and negativity, everyone will be affected, including the animals! Our pets tend to follow our lead, so if we are depressed or angry, they will usually feel the same way. An example is Elvis and his family: Ted was negative, Rachel has issues with food and anxiety, Ben seemed unhappy, and Elvis seemed to mirror all of his family members and had plenty of issues he needed help resolving. A great way to help your pet heal is to have your family unite and work together to boost moral and guide your furry family member back to good health. Try assigning each family member a specific task like Jackson did in this situation: Ted was in charge of weigh-ins, Rachel took walks with Elvis, and Ben was in charge of boosting moral and positivity. This helped the family to bond and heal together.

In addition, we must realize that food does not equal love in our pet’s eyes. It may seem that way at times because they do get excited when meal time comes around, but they do not only associate food with love, so we should not overfeed them.

Holistic Approach

Spirit Essences remedies that might be helpful in this type of situation are:

Obsession Remedy

Obsession Remedy is formulated for animals with obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as excessive grooming, self-mutilation, pacing or over-vocalization. This remedy may also be beneficial when you have a pet who is food obsessed. It is designed to help relieve these obsessive feelings and behaviors along with other treatment, such as implementing a feeding schedule or changing their diet. This remedy may have helped Elvis overcome his food obsessed behavior along with Jackson’s guidance.

Every pet is different, and has different needs and healing responses. Some other possible Spirit Essences remedies that may be helpful in this type of situation are:

Training Formula is designed to help with training an animal, including the breaking of bad habits, by helping to keep the animal focused, willing, and able to learn quicker, and without excessive repetition. This remedy may also be helpful when changing your pet’s routine or when putting them on a strict feeding schedule, as we saw with Elvis. This remedy can help them to stay focused and open to the changes in their life. This remedy is formulated to ease the transition.


Healthy Helper

Healthy Helper is formulated to provide energetic support for the immune system, and may be helpful for animals who are recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. This remedy could have been very helpful for Elvis, who was facing a plethora of health issues. Health issues and illness can take a negative toll on an animal’s mind, body, and spirit. This remedy can help support your pet while they are healing.

Stress Stopper

Stress Stopper is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual or stressful situations, such as thunderstorms, boarding, remodeling, visitors, or similar situations. This remedy is designed to help animals feel grounded and protected. This remedy may also help animals who live in a household with toxic energy, which puts daily stress on them. Elvis was in a home full of stress and negativity, and use of this remedy along with Jackson’s guidance may have been a great way to help him feel grounded, protected, and at ease. This remedy can work great when misted throughout the home.

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