Mojo’s Mailbag – Halloween Edition

What do you think of dressing cats up in costumes for Halloween? What’s the deal with banning black cats from adoption around Halloween? And what are your thoughts on the whole Halloween season for cat guardians in general?
Felicks, our Operations Manager's cat. National staring contest champ, 2013. 

Felicks, our Operations Manager's cat. National staring contest champ, 2013. 

Halloween can be a spooky time for pets. It's full of weird costumes and scary flames.

With decades of experience helping cats through Halloween, our co-founder Jackson Galaxy has some great tips for pet guardians to have a great Halloween.  These tips work equally well with both cats and dogs.  

What do you think of dressing animals up in costumes for Halloween?

We know how tempting it can be around the holidays – every pet store you walk into has the cutest little costumes and hats for cats and dogs. The question is: do you think your cat (or any animal for that matter) wants to dress up in a cute little costume for Halloween? …No.

Does dressing up your cat or dog in a silly costume enrich its life? …No.

The point is, 100% of dressing up an animal is for human entertainment. Jackson Galaxy and Spirit Essences' #1 goal is to help enrich and improve the lives of animals, so we do not encourage dressing pets up in costumes. Why not get your cat or dog a fun Halloween collar just for the season? Like a sparkly orange one!

At the end of the day, it is completely up to you.  And we get it; a hat on a dog isn’t a big deal.  Some don't seem to mind at all.  But we think they would prefer to have you in the costume instead of themselves!

What’s the deal with banning black cats from adoption around Halloween?  



There are some shelters that refuse to adopt out any black cats (and sometimes white cats) that are in need of a loving home around Halloween. Some shelters refuse to do so during the whole month of October! Why is that? Well, there has been what some may call a “myth” going around for years that these cats are sacrificed and used for cult activities during this time of year.

We all want to make sure these cats are safe and will be adopted out to a good home, which is why we feel shelters should trust their adoption screening process and their adoption counselors. Of course, we would recommend that they are extra careful around Halloween, and they should definitely refuse to adopt the cat out if there are any doubts. 

The fact that shelters are overcrowded and shelter workers are struggling not to have to euthanize animals every day is the main reason why we feel that this practice has outlived its usefulness. We would rather see these cats get adopted, and we think that the black and white cats deserve a home, too!

What are the top causes of injured and lost pets during halloween?

Between parties, trick-or-treaters, haunted houses, and all of the other fun Halloween festivities, there is also major safety concerns for your pets.

Fire safety: Candles are very popular around Halloween, used in jack-o-lanterns and other spooky settings. Not only do unattended candles cause many house fires, but there are many cases where animals have gotten terribly burned from brushing by one of these candles. 

We recommend using battery powered flameless candles, which is an all-around safer choice for you and your pets! If you insist on using a traditional candle, keep your animals out of the rooms with candles for the night, just to be safe!



Escape artists: With trick-or-treaters constantly coming to the door on Halloween, there is a huge chance that your cat can slip by you and escape outside. This is a terrible night to lose your cat; with all of the festivities going on around your neighborhood, your cat is likely to be very spooked and not be able to find their way back home. Even if your animal is familiar with the outdoors, things look very different on Halloween night. We recommend keeping any outdoors cats inside, and if you are going to be answering your door for trick-or-treaters, we suggest keeping your pets in a safe and secure room for the evening. We always recommend that your pets have current identification tags and an up-to-date microchip, JUST IN CASE!

Treats: Everyone has candy, chocolate, and other fun treats in their home around Halloween. Make sure not to let animals eat any of these treats, they are toxic! We’re sure you don’t want your furry friends getting sick, so please be careful!


Just a reminder:

Don’t forget to have Stress Stopper on hand around holidays like Halloween! Stress Stopper is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual or stressful situations, such as thunderstorms, boarding, remodeling, visitors, or similar situations. This formula is designed to help animals feel grounded and protected. 

Scaredy Cat is also a great formula to help any spooked cats! Scaredy Cat is formulated for the very shy, timid, or fearful cat who runs from every little noise, or who lives in the closet or under the bed.

We hope this was fun and informative for you! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

-Spirit Essences

Pippin needs Scaredy Cat

Pippin needs Scaredy Cat

Acting out by urinating around the house.