My Cat Keeps Destroying My Furniture!

Dear Spirit Essences,

I have a cat that loves to rip up my furniture and rugs. I bought her a giant cat tree, and while she loves to climb up and sleep on it, she won’t scratch it! Do you have a “please stop destroying the furniture” formula?

-Christine, Connecticut

Hello Christine,

Thanks for writing! This must be very frustrating to deal with!

You may want to take a look at Training Formula. Training Formula is designed to help with training an animal, including the breaking of bad habits, by helping to keep the animal focused, willing, and able to learn quicker, and without excessive repetition. Use this formula in conjunction with behavior modification to help teach your cat where and where not to scratch!

Training Formula is made using various essences that can help an animal accept new lessons and regain focus. One of the essences we use in this formula is Clematis, which is used to keep focus and interest in the present. This can be very helpful during training sessions. The Clematis essence used in Training Formula is from a garden sanctuary located in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains!

We hope this was helpful!

-Spirit Essences

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