Easy Traveler For A Big Move.

Dear Spirit Essences,

I will soon be moving halfway across the country with my four cats. They don’t really get carsick, but their anxiety level will definitely be amped up. I am wondering if Easy Traveler would help to reduce their travel stress.

-Jan, California

Dear Jan, 

Thank you for writing! Yes, Easy Traveler is formulated for animals who are fearful about traveling, and can help to relieve motion sickness in dogs and cats. Vomiting, pacing, drooling and whining may be calmed with the help of Easy Traveler

Easy Traveler is formulated using various essences that can help to ease anxiety during a very stressful car ride, including essence of Orange. This essence is helpful for overwhelming emotional tension or hysteria; it helps to calm overcharged emotions and can bring levelheadedness and clarity. 

The Orange essence we use to make Easy Traveler is made on the slopes of Table Mountain in the Cape of Good Hope, which is located at the southern tip of Africa! Table Mountain is known as a sacred place of healing in African tradition.

Safe travels!

-Spirit Essences

Note: Orange essence does not have a scent and is not orange oil; it is the essence or “energetic blueprint” of the flower!

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