Help With a Cat Dominant Towards People

Dear Spirit Essences,

Have you had anyone inquire about Bully Remedy for use on cats acting dominant towards people? Our cat is in his “terrible twos” stage and we are in search of something to calm him down. He has started being aggressive towards me in an effort to be the dominant one. Our vet has checked him for anything medically wrong and he is perfectly healthy. Thank you!

-Emily, Louisiana

Hello Emily,

Thanks for writing! Yes, Bully Remedy can be helpful for animals that are trying to dominate their guardian or other humans.  Bully Remedy is formulated to help when one animal wants to control and dominate others, and can help the bully to relax and let others go about their business.

Bully Remedy is formulated using a variation of essences that can help to rebalance an animal with dominant tendencies, such as Cuprite/Chrysocolla. Cuprite/Chrysocolla essence is helpful in balancing the male/female power, which in turn, promotes positive external relationships. It is also known to soften aggressive tendencies. The Cuprite/Chrysocolla essence we use in this formula were cleansed in the Pacific Ocean on the north shore of Kauai, exposed to lunar and stellar light, and charged at sunrise! 

We hope this was helpful. Best wishes!

-Spirit Essences

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