What to use for OCD grooming?

Dear Spirit Essences,

What formula do you recommend for an excessive groomer? My cat regularly sees the vet and has no medical issues, just OCD behaviors! Thanks.

-Nancy, Missouri

Hello Nancy,

That’s a great question!

Take a look at Obsession Remedy. Obsession Remedy is formulated for animals with obsessive-compulsive behaviors, such as excessive grooming, pulling out fur (including "bald-belly syndrome"), pacing, over-vocalization, chewing, or self-mutilation. This formula can also help relieve the obsessive emotional behavior associated with allergic skin disease, including hot spots.

We formulate Obsession Remedy using a select assortment of essences that can help an animal overcome their compulsions, including essence of Pink Seaweed. This essence promotes grounding, patience, and aids in harmonizing thought before action. The Pink Seaweed essence in this formula comes from the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island in Canada!

We wish you and your cat the best.

-Spirit Essences

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