Spirit Essences Easy Breather and Asthma

Hello Spirit Essences,

I was looking through your products after being referred to your site by a friend. My cat suffers from asthma and I have been searching for natural relief for some time now. Do you make a formula that would address the lungs?

-Rachael, Massachusetts

Hi there Rachael,

Thanks for writing and showing an interest in our formulas! 

You may want to take a look at Easy-Breather to address your cat's asthma and lung issues. Easy-Breather is formulated for animals with chronic upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, or asthma, and may help balance the immune system to decrease stress and allow healing. Easy-Breather works to release, detoxify, and discharge the build-up of toxins and stuck energies throughout the respiratory system.

We use a combination of essences that are known to aid in detoxifying and healing, including essence of Chia. This essence is extremely restorative, energizing, and promotes good health. The Chia essence used in Easy-Breather comes from desert acquisitions that were made in Death Valley and The Mojave Desert, and is part of a “Desert Collection” of wildflowers that embody renewal.

We hope this was helpful!

-Spirit Essences

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