Attitude Problem!

Dear Spirit Essences,

My sister has a beautiful kitty that sometimes has a terrible attitude problem. He is so stressed when he goes to the vet ... the vets have refused to see him! They have tried pheromones but they have not helped. He has some arthritis pain in his paws and can be sweet for short periods of time, but will suddenly act out and bite. What can we try?

-Mary Ellen, MN

Hi There Mary Ellen,

Thanks for writing. This must be very frustrating for your sister, as well as for her beautiful cat.

From what you've shared, I suggest you take a look at Stress Stopper, which is formulated to help animals adapt and cope with unusual or stressful situations, such as thunderstorms, boarding, remodeling, visitors, or similar situations. This remedy is designed to help animals feel grounded and protected. Our Stress Stopper formula is a best seller, and many of our customers have seen a significant reduction in stress for their pets. You may also want to take a look at Creak-Away to address the arthritis. Creak-Away is formulated for animals with arthritis, and may help to maintain balance and remove the underlying "stuck" energy patterns that contribute to stiffness in the joints. 

We hope this was helpful. Best Wishes!

-Spirit Essences


Our formulas work best when used consistently - meaning tapping the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand immediately before administering, 3-4 times a day, and 3-5 drops each time.

Please remember that Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences work best when part of a more holistic treatment program, which may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities.


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