Moving into a new home with a cat and dog.

Dear Spirit Essences,

My fiancé and I are moving into a new home together. I have one cat and he has a cat and a dog. What formula would you recommend to help bring everyone together with the least amount of stress and conflict?

-Shelli N.

Hi there Shelli,

Thanks for writing! Great job with preparing and doing research for this big move/introduction!

You may want to check out Changing Times, which is formulated to help animals adjust to major life changes, such as moving, the arrival of a new baby, new roommate, switching diet or other long-term or permanent situations. This formula may help them to move forward with confidence and peace. You may also want to take a look at Peacemaker, which is formulated to reduce or eliminate aggression, tension, and jealousy between animals, and may help to keep the peace in multi-animal families. This formula may help to ease any tension or conflict that may arise during animal introductions.

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Good luck with the big move!

-Spirit Essences


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