Five Tips to Make Easter Better for Your Pets

Five Tips to Make Easter Better for Your Pets

Easter is a time of gatherings, festive baskets/egg hunts, and indulging in treats. While this can be safe and enjoyable for us, it can be a stressful and even dangerous holiday for our pets if we are not careful. It’s no surprise that National Animal Poison Prevention Week is March 20-26, right before the Easter holiday. With Easter fast approaching, we’d like to share five ways to help make this holiday safe and less stressful for the precious animals in your home!


#1 - Just Say No to Poisonous Plants

Did you know tulips are toxic to dogs and cats?  And Easter Lilies can be fatal to cats.  Choose safe plant options instead, like Sunflowers, Common Snapdragons, and Gerber Daisies.

Many common household plants (such as Carnations, Daffodils, and Poinsettias) are poisonous to animals if ingested. If you think your pet has ingested a poisonous plant, please contact a veterinarian immediately. For a complete list of plants that are toxic to animals, check out these links:


#2 – Use Tissue, Not Easter Grass

Most animals are inclined to chew and play with the stringy grass that is used to fill Easter baskets. If swallowed, plastic Easter grass can cause major intestinal and circulation problems, so please use tissue in your Easter baskets instead. Also, keep an eye on small objects that your pet may try to swallow, like plastic or dyed eggs!



#3 - Beware of Chocolate & Xylitol

Chocolate is toxic for pets and so is Xylitol, which is used in sugar-free candy.  Give human treats to humans, and pet treats to pets. If you’d like to spoil a dog on Easter, you can get them a nice chew stick, or how about some cat treats for the sweet feline in your life?


#4 - Animals are not gifts

They're cute… but they also deserve a lifetime of commitment.  Don't treat animals like holiday accessories; please discourage giving bunnies, ducklings, or chicks as gifts. We always recommend giving a gift certificate to a local shelter/rescue as a gift instead!


#5 – Don’t forget your Stress Stopper

To help ease your pets through short duration stresses such as party guests and their frantic Easter Egg Hunts, the vacuum, etc., try our longtime best-seller, Stress Stopper. This solution is great for the occasional, short-duration stresses that an animal faces: trip to the vet, thunder and lightning, fireworks, parties, vacuum, lawnmower, machinery, visitors and houseguests, vacations (if the animal is boarded or has a pet-sitter), unusual noises (remodeling, construction, roadwork, etc.), arguments with other animals, repairpersons; also good for animals who are left home alone all day, to prevent boredom and stress. It can help animals feel grounded and protected. You can administer Stress Stopper a few days prior to Easter, and continue consistently throughout the holiday.


We hope you have a great Easter holiday!

In case of emergency, the ASPCA Poison Control Center is available 24/7:


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