Obsession Remedy Helps Charlie Stop Over Grooming

Our grandpa kitty, Mister, was our first cat. 2 years before Mister passed, we adopted Arthur. Arthur loved Mister more than words, and Mister was the best big brother. After we were told that Mister wouldn't have very long, we decided to adopt Charlie. We wanted the 3 of them to bond and make sure that Arthur wouldn't be along when Mister passed. His passing shook our entire house, and affected Charlie the most. He became overly obsessive. Routine, one on one attention and Spirit has helped!

We purchased Obsession Remedy a few weeks ago for, Charlie. After our grandpa kitty passed away last year, Charlie has become a little obsessive and will over groom, pull out pieces of hair and often paw at an open door for hours (if we let him). Our vet originally told us to put coconut oil on Charlie's feet to get him to stop the over grooming and hair pulling. It worked for a few hours, until he licked all the oil off and started over again. It only seemed to make him more stressed out.

After just a few days on the Obsession Remedy, we saw his obsession regress. With love and patience (and Spirit Essences), we are confident that his mood will improve. Our family thanks you!

-Danielle B. of Silverdale, WA


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