Peacemaker Helps Mac and Bee Live Peacefully

It took a long time for Mac to learn how to "cat." He was a kitten who was tossed out to the streets and nearly dead when we found him. Mac spent the first 5 years with us terrified of everything. After much patience, love, play, and a safe home, he became confident. Unfortunately for our other cat, Bee, the confidence came with aggression towards her and I often came home from work to find chunks of Bee's fur on the floor. Some of his aggression may have been due to pain, we fought severe dental disease since kitten-hood and lost this year. Mac had 6 teeth removed and that seemed to help. It did not solve his aggression issues but his attacks on Bee were no longer several a day. Mac seems more content and we love his Elvis sneer he sports now. Always bring your cat to the vet to see if there is more to the story!

Now with Peacemaker, the two live happily together sharing space.

-Corinne B of Boston, MA

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