Stress Stopper Helps Bella Fight FIC

Bella came to live with me after the death of my sister. She arrived unhealthy looking and was so very scared. She was a hider and would only come out after dark. I noticed she was not using the litter box and there was blood in her urine.
The original thought was that she had a UTI and we tried 2 rounds of antibiotics. My vet suggested she may have Feline Idiopathic Chronic Cystitis (FIC) due to stress. I was asked to try Dasaquin and that worked sometimes. Bella did not like the taste of it.

I found the Stress Stopper and thought I would try it. Oh my, it did! Such a success that she will ask/wait for it every morning before I leave for work. Because she trusts me I don't really have to give it to her when I am home, unless needed. She is now a happy, healthy, attention wanting kitty, laying on my lap.

-Nina F. of North Mankate, MN


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