Ultimate Peacemaker Brings The Peace Between Jasper and Skunky

Ultimate Peacemaker Brings The Peace Between Jasper and Skunky

In February, we tragically lost one of our cats. About 5 weeks ago, we brought in an older cat, Skunky, to be an age-appropriate playmate for our remaining cat Jasper. Jasper can be a bully that is afraid of his own shadow, and he wasn't pleased when Skunky arrived. The boys quickly split the house between upstairs for Skunky and the main level for Jasper. We bought a brightly colored rag rug to be a play blanket, sprinkled with catnip, and spread out their toys there. Both of them loved it as it was a fun and neutral place for them.

We started using the Ultimate Peacemaker on both of them, which significantly reduced Jasper's aggressiveness and helped Skunky to come out of his shell. They aren't the best of friends yet, but they can be in the same room together. We also feed them together twice a day (adding Peacemaker to the food). Playing with them is a must, including playing with both at the same time when possible.

Thanks Spirit Essences!

Lisa P.
from Herndon, VA

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