Ultimate Peacemaker brings together Jasper and Malcolm.

Jasper, longhair white and grey cat, has always been a bully. Malcolm, orange Tabby, was rescued from a shelter after his first human died and was the new kid on the block. When I rescued Malcolm, then 14, two years ago, he and Jasper, then 11, did not get along despite a very slow introduction over several weeks. Because I am a huge fan of your [My Cat From Hell] TV show I started doing "homework" with them. I used your remedies, played with them, I spent at least 30 minutes every day playing with them and gradually fed them closer and closer together until they could eat in the same space and allowed them to co-mingle for most of the day. They will never be best friends but now they butt heads, play together,  and they have stopped posturing with each other. They even enjoy watching your TV show together on my lap!

- Virginia from Missoula, MT

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Geese and Koko both benefit from Bully Solution

Geese and Koko both benefit from Bully Solution

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