Ultimate Peacemaker Brings Together Montie & Lana

Sadly, two of my cats, Montie and Lana, do not get along. Before the Ultimate Peacemaker, Lana stayed on the bed in fear of being attacked. She wouldn't even use the litter box on her own. However, Lana now lays on the floor & wanders around the room! Lana has even started using her litter box all on her own! We can put her on the couch knowing that she feels comfortable. Montie & Lana now lay on the bed at the SAME TIME! I even caught Montie sniffing Lana's tail! We could not be happier!
We use Ultimate Peacemaker on all 4 of our cats. I pet them each for a few minutes after applying it, making it a more positive experience. Also, I apply it consecutively to each cat. My hand usually has cat hair on it from the previous cat. Whomever I'm applying it to will sniff my hands for a few seconds. I feel like this may help, especially with Montie, who seems curious about Lana's scent!
-Ariel L. 
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