Multiple Spirit Essences Help Pandora & Smokey Overcome Their Differences

Pandora is an alpha female cat. Her house is her kingdom and she does not want to share it with any other kitty. Being a bengal cat also brought in more of a challenge. Like what Jackson says on his show, I cannot express how important interacting with your cats through play is! Also giving both cats their space and a place to escape one another is key! After a bit of work Smokey and Pandora love each other and Pandora has been caught on video giving Smokey kisses!
Before Peacemaker Pandora and Smokey would fight and we were afraid Pandora would hurt Smokey. After 2 weeks of continuous use of Peacemaker, the two have become more tolerable of each other.
Before Scaredy Cat Smokey would be afraid of everything. Smokey was terrified of even calming classical music. After 2 weeks of continuous use of Scaredy cat, Smokey came out of his little shell and even is calm watching daddy play video games!
In order to find out why Pandora was ripping her fur out, we tried switching her diet to a grain free one. She became less itchy and more playful. She is now slowly growing her fur back. We also added the Obsession Remedy to help her with the stress she was going through. It works wonders for her!
The use of Peacemaker was just an additive to the training of Smokey and Pandora. What we did to get the two of them to get along, was mainly through play. I would play with both cats until they started to pant. Also when they would eat their bowls were close together. We also bought two cat beds and placed them in other parts of the room so the two could take a break from each other. Lots of toys to share, greenies skin and fur treats, Peacemaker and catnip and now these 2 cats are best buddies
-Diane S. 

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